what if you stopped abandoning yourself for the approval of others?

Dear Highly Sensitive, Intuitive Introvert,

You are so used to putting your needs behind the needs of others.

So used to working against who you are for fear of alienating someone, for losing them. For fear of judgment or ridicule. For fear of not being liked, or being misunderstood.

What if you stopped abandoning yourself for the approval of others?

It took me years (about 37 of them) to understand how putting my needs and desires last, fifteenth, or even second to everyone else’s not only hurt me, but also those who could benefit from my gifts (sensitivity, empathy, and intuition) and talents (writing fiction that connects because of my gifts).

Introvert, I see you. I get you. You don’t have to hide anymore.

If that means finally finishing that half-written novel on your laptop, do it.
If that means submitting that story to that literary magazine you’ve been eyeing, step into your power and submit it.

Be who you truly are to create a life that feels good. And a good way to start is by honoring your gifts and sharing them.

Be well, friends.


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