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I am whole with you.
I am whole without you.
I am whole in the in between.

And while i search the answers, 
roll truth on my tongue,
I will store within
these brittle, gray bones
a soft heart.

Untitled | Two

Take hold of these hands,
this wound,
this earth,
only tenderness can stroke.
Bring all of yourself,
parched soil and seed,
and we will find
We will find it
and gather light with our fingers,
pluck the burgeoning flowers
from our bones.

Untitled | One

Where is your voice?
Buried beneath conformity,
crushed by please and thank you, 
suffocated between the dead
letters of words you do not believe?
Is it silenced in the girlish swing
of skirts and flash of teeth,
the distance between your God and desire?
Is it heavy in your tangled head,
decayed around your finger?
Is it hollow in his incessant gaze
swallowing your mouth?

Your voice, woman. your voice.

What will it take to wake it?
What will it take to light it alive,
an ember between bones,
a raging spark? A riot
hurtling through tissue,
yanking at ribs and flesh,
writhing against the sleepy beat of mediocrity
to break the fuck out.