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unblock your writing (one creative outlet to move writer’s block aside)

A couple years ago I read the book, Old Records Never Die about a married man and father of 1, pushing middle age and wondering what he’d lost. He had a yearning for an age, a time long gone, to help him regain some sense of himself; and something in him believed that the collection of records he’d sold would help him get it back.

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on finishing your book, authenticity, and 90s hip-hop

That’s what it’s like when an intuitive introvert works against his/her/their authentic makeup, and tries to outline or write their book in a hyper-structured, rigid-deadline, chronological driven process: it doesn’t feel good.

It ruins the experience of turning your idea, that character or scene or conversation that popped into your head into a completed manuscript that you’re proud to put your name on.  

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