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5 questions to ask before writing your book
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You have an idea for a book. 

One that came to you out of nowhere (I’m looking at you, intuitive introverts), or an idea you’ve been daydreaming in your cubicle about for months or even years, and it just won’t let go.

Other people’s opinions have gotten to you. Self-doubt has crept in and taken full squatting rights on your confidence. The last thing you need is a set of questions to deter you from the very thing you can’t stop thinking about: writing your book.

But, the questions aren’t to add yet another stumbling block on your way to becoming a published author. They’re here to help you get there.

When you know who you’re writing for, you tap into your desire to serve.

When you know why your writing your book, it creates a belief and a sense of purpose (oh hey, Simon Sinek vibes!)

When you know why you’re the best person, it provides urgency- your voice is needed in this space.

When you know what research needs to be done, you can ensure you’re giving readers with an authentic experience

When you have a plan, (even an unconventional, non-linear plan for intuitive introvert authors), you know you’ll get to that feeling of holding your published book in your hands.

Whether you are struggling to start your book, finish it, or somewhere in between, answer these 5 questions to help you keep going and #writeasyouare.

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