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Body Language

She is the most audacious woman to enter the dinner party. She drips with confidence, sensuality, and ease. Her mind is freedom. Her body is art.

The mesh underwear beneath her skirt bares a secret, and the eyelash fringe of a bra teases flushed skin.

She sips her drink- bourbon, rocks- sways in a corner to the slow beat of soul music. Intimate affairs are her favorite, and guests believe the fleeting smile, the mystery on her face is for them.

But, no.

It is for you. Your lingerie.

The piece that kept her in the mirror a few moments longer, soft and strong, and loving herself.



What is Body Language?

Body Language is a special product description package for unconventional lingerie brands. Because how you talk about your lingerie can be the difference between "maybe later" and "add-to-cart".

Focusing your deep V bodysuit's description on "60% nylon with branded, adjustable straps" makes it a staple, a basic, a thing that can wait.

She needs to want your lingerie on her body right now.   

Providing her with an experience, showing her, with words, how your bodysuit makes her feel like she can dine alone in a busy restaurant at 1pm, sans phone, or book, or shiny perfection, and have the confidence to be present in who she is, clean-faced and simple with beat-up Chucks and a penchant for prosciutto and cheese. A quiet elegance that doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion of her.

That's not a bodysuit seen on every lingerie site across the internet. That bodysuit represents the woman she wants to be.


Talking about nylon doesn’t give her that. Nor organic cotton or “hand wash only.”

You want your lingerie to be something women desperately crave. You want it to be the equivalent of coveted slow Saturdays with morning sex and coffee. Not the commonplace grind of Monday's rushing out the door with half-eaten toast between her teeth.

And I'll help you do just that. One product description at a time.



The Body Language Process:

  1. Express Your Individuality- a pre-session questionnaire to help me get to know your brand better before we sit down face-to-face (in person or digitally)

  2. Bare, Unedited- A 1-hr session where we’ll explore every curve and bend of your brand, especially who your clients are and how they want to feel, and determine the products you want descriptions written for

  3. Be Your Own Love Story- 8 miniature stories for 8 products that reach far beyond the basics of “2% leather | 90% lace”, and feel like a love letter to your ideal customers

  4. True To Size (TTS)- after receiving your descriptions, you’ll have some time to review and send feedback for 1 round of edits for descriptions that fit perfectly to your brand


$418 (a 30% reduced rate for lingerie brands)

Type "Body Language" in the subject line, and share a few details about yourself and your business in the message box.

This offer is good for lingerie clients booked by the end of August 2018 only.

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