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The Baldwin
[An 8-week, Book Coaching & Writing affair to build confidence and a personalized, unconventional process to finish your book]

It came out of nowhere. It came out of everywhere.
An idea for a novel, a book.

But you rarely finish what you start, and writing from beginning to end feels impossible. The story doesn’t come to you from A to Z. More like from D to T to F to M, and you struggle putting all the scenes, characters, and ideas into a manuscript that makes sense.

I’m here to help you write as the non-linear thinking introvert you truly are. No chronological, rigid-deadline-driven creativity here. With a flexible, unconventional structure, you’ll get clear on your characters, scenes, an outline for your book, and start writing. All while staying true to your personality strengths, likes, and dislikes.

Is the The Baldwin for you?

  • You’re an intuitive introvert and creative writing is at your core.

  • You need gentle and constructive feedback in a safe, one-on-one environment.

  • Rigid, chronological outlines and rules frustrate more than help you.

  • You have a book idea but haven’t started writing or outlining

  • Putting the pieces together to create a novel feels overwhelming.

  • You need ample time and the right space to write, and rushing isn’t motivating…

  • …however, you and procrastination go waaaay back and you need a flexible structure.

  • Imposter syndrome and self-doubt are holding you back from being your best author self

Working together can look like:

Scenario 1:

You: “All I have is an idea. I’m thinking of an American woman who visits France for the first time and doesn’t want to leave.”
Me: “Great. Let’s talk about why the woman went to France, and why she doesn’t want to leave. From there, we can determine some themes for your book.”

Scenario 2:

You: “I want to write about a lesbian couple struggling with infertility but I’m not sure where to go from there.”
Me: “We can start by learning more about the couple. Have you thought about their personalities?”
You: “Not really.”
Me: “No problem. We can start figuring that out by putting them in various situations. What’s your first instinct on how each of them responded when they found out they might not be able to have children?”

Scenario 3:

You: “I have a bunch of random scenes in a document, but I don’t know how to put them together…or if they even go together…and this is the 4th book I’ve started, and it’s such a mess.”
Me: “No worries. Been there, done that, have a published book to prove that even a mess can make something beautiful. Why did you start writing this book? What did you want to say?”

These are simply a few examples of how the process works. We’ll start where you are, how you are in this book writing journey, and prepare you to make it to the end.

Imagine finishing your book in a way that aligns with your work style and way of thinking, instead of forcing yourself to write in a process that brings you down.

My work is about giving non-linear thinking writers like you the confidence and flexible structure to stop staring with frustration at either a blank screen or one full of random scenes and lines. Or fumbling through procrastination and doubt online and calling it “research.” With me, you’ll create a personalized roadmap to creating meaningful characters and scenes, and finish your book!

Do you need to work with me to finish your book? Not at all.

Will working with me pull you out of the half-written-book-on-your-hard-drive rut, and into a hell yes solo dance party in your pajamas (or maybe a little shoulder shimmy on the couch if that’s more your speed) because you have the tools and guidance to finish your book? Definitely.

If you do the work, a completed manuscript awaits.

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The Baldwin: an 8-week book coaching and writing affair

Every author starting a new book has their unique needs and desires. The Baldwin focuses on organizing the ideas, scenes, and characters for your book, and writing through:

  • Flexible structure with reasonable deadlines that spark your writing and creativity

  • Weekly 1-hr video or phone chats to discuss your characters, scenes, drafts, book outline, writing, and/or assigned reading

  • Guide for unconventional novel outline, including assistance and feedback

  • Guide for character development, including assistance and feedback

  • Help developing a writing practice that works for how you think, feel, process, and write

  • Email access for any questions, concerns, rants, or “holy hell, I’m amazing! Look what I wrote!” notes you need to send

  • Developmental edits within draft(s)

  • Written responses with gentle feedback to your draft(s)

  • Assigned readings from published authors for inspiration and discussion

  • Journal prompts for creativity and self-worth

  • Encouragement and motivation

So, you and me?

I am an author (If I Fell), and MFA of Creative Writing (Fiction) candidate at Queens University of Charlotte where I workshop novels and short stories with fellow students and professors, and my writing has been described as “intimate, and of a professional quality.” The feedback on my self-published book?

“The characters were so real.”- Tabitha L.

“I couldn’t put it down.”- Elizabeth D.

I know what it’s like to think that unfinished, inconsistent novel on your laptop will never be complete. To have the highest standards for every sentence and be so crippled by doubt you can barely stand to read your words without cringing.

I also know what it’s like to push through, and finally (FINALLY!) hold that book you’ve poured your entire being into in your hands. I’m still smiling from the incredible, all-consuming joy.

And you deserve to have that feeling too.

At the end of the Baldwin you’ll:

  • Have fully-realized characters that don’t feel like characters at all, but people in real life

  • Determine the overarching theme(s)/message(s) of your book and how to achieve them

  • Know the details and purpose of each scene you’ve come up with, how they move the story forward, and how to piece them together

  • Receive developmental edits on any scenes you’ve written

  • Depending on your preferred pace, have a partial or complete outline for your book

  • Have a flexible planning and/or writing schedule to finish your book

Your investment: $2197

Apply to work together by clicking ‘Apply Now’ below. After, we’ll set up a 15-minute discovery call to determine if we’re a good fit. (This is not code for, “I’ll pressure you with a limited time offer.” Nope. It’s truly to see if we’d be cool together.)

Are you good with going another year, or 2, or 10 without publishing a book? I didn’t think so. You are a talented and creative introvert who is ready to put something of significance, meaning, and beauty into the world in a way that works for you. Click ‘Apply Now’ below, and get on the path to finishing your book.


Ps- once your 8 weeks of getting started have come to an end, you’ll have the option to finish writing your book with me in a monthly coaching and developmental editing package exclusive to The Baldwin clients.