Book Coaching

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The storyteller
[A Book Coaching & developmental editing experience to finish your book]

It came to you.
It came out of nowhere. It came from everywhere. 
An idea for a novel, a book.

Writing fiction and creative nonfiction is an emotional experience; for some, an intuitive one. So, if you are looking for a coach to give you rigid deadlines rushing toward word counts, I’m likely not for you.

But if you are looking for someone to engage with in an intimate back-and-forth, with in-depth and gentle feedback, and accountability that encourages and excites, you’re in the right place.

I’ll help you:

  • Unapologetically embrace your unique, intuitive writing style

  • Write unflinchingly honest about love, loss, sexuality, friendship, and family

  • Show the full spectrum of emotions; of being beautifully and devastatingly human

  • Discover and explore your own dark shadows to bring all of you to your words

I’m here to help you write as the non-linear thinking, intuitive, and emotional being you truly are. With a flexible, unconventional approach, you’ll write characters who feel like real people, scenes that summon all the senses, and themes that give your reader a raw, powerful perspective.

You’re going to finish your manuscript.

And ultimately experience the pure joy of holding your published book in your hands. 

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Here’s how The Storyteller works:

  • Mindset is everything. We’ll start there (and revisit throughout) to help you process and write through your feelings

  • We’ll create a flexible writing and deliverable schedule that aligns with your work style

  • You’re going to write as you are and start where you are with the idea, character, dialogue, or theme that came to you, and expand from there

  • Weekly emails and Creative Soul Sessions via bi-weekly calls/video chats will give you time to brainstorm with me, rant, rave, and discuss feedback 

  • Content line edits and response letters (delivered at the end of our time together or the end of your book) to your submitted work will provide detailed and gentle feedback

  • The Storyteller is a 3-month writing and editing experience after which you have the option to continue with me for 3 additional months, or until your book is complete

The Storyteller: $2197 (for 3 consecutive months)

Whether this is your 1st book or your 7th. Whether you are somewhere in the beginning, middle, or end of your writing process. 

You didn’t create a life you love by going it alone.

Who has that kind of time to waste? You asked for help, (and continue to ask), to keep yourself, your relationships, and your work feeling good.

Your book— your art— is no different.

Let’s make something beautiful, and finish your book. Apply below to set up a 20-minute introductory call.