CONTENT Planning

Does this Monday morning business meeting conversation sound familiar?

"I have a great idea- we should blog!"

"Really? About what?"

"You know, whatever! We have tons of products and services. People should know about them."

"Ok...well, how often are we blogging? And who's doing it?"

"Any one of us can do it whenever inspiration strikes."

Been there, done that, already returned the t-shirt. Besides, chaos doesn't vibe with you loving your sanity and living well. You want a content plan that fits with your schedule, feels doable, and still attracts your ideal audience.

No more throwing random marketing tactics at the internet and hoping it sticks, or struggling to get the ideas in your head into a clear and meaningful process. That's an overwhelming time-suck where, (spoiler alert), nobody wins. I'll create a content strategy based on your goals, and trends found in the Audience Insights. Your content strategy is a detailed map of how you can create content that invites a personal relationship with your audience, giving them exactly what they want...and need.



  • $2,950 (For 3 months, including Audience Insights Interviews)*

  • $1925 (For 3 months)

  • $695 (Monthly)


YOUR Content Plan INCLUDEs:

  • Interviews with up to 3 members of your team to determine brand story
  • The Audience Insights Interviews (with first pricing option)
  • Monthly brainstorming session to determine goals, upcoming events, stories, news, and updates
  • In-depth content calendar based on Audience Insights findings (with first option) and goals including
    • monthly themes
    • blog post topics (with keywords, titles, and instructions to optimize for SEO)
    • social media post, newsletter, and email marketing ideas

*Includes up to 8  Audience Interviews



Ready to put a plan and a process to content marketing that feels calm and doable? Complete the form below and tell me a little about yourself, your business, and why you're interested in a content strategy. I will respond within 24 hours to schedule our first meeting and send an invoice. I'm excited to help you break away from chaos and build your brand! Let's begin.  

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