Developmental Editing

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La Fin (Petite)

You’ve reached the end of your manuscript, and you cannot stop smiling.

And why should you? You’ve accomplished something millions have said they’ll do “one day when…”, yet never make the time for because of fear, doubt, lack of support- all of the reasons.

Pamper yourself with body oils, and butters, and scrubs. Sink into freshly clean sheets (the second best thing to finishing a novel) with tea, a binge-worthy series, and a chocolate-filled, flaky something. 

Inhale. Exhale. Be so damn proud of yourself.

Then get back it.

Developmental Edit Checks

Now you need someone to help you tighten and prepare your manuscript for publication. You’ll need your full manuscript checked for:

  • Plot holes, inconsistencies, etc.

  • Believability of characters and the situations that wreck and rock them

  • Character development and story

  • Consistent writing style (Do you waver in between your style and the style of your favorite authors? It happens to the best of us.)

  • Pacing that keeps the reader engaged instead of yawning and skimming through the middle

  • Unnecessary characters, prose, plot points

  • Overuse of words, gestures, and descriptions (why does every female character have a ponytail?)  

  • If your novel makes a reader feel something? Will it entertain and teach her. Will your reader care?

You’ll get a letter from me (up to 10 pages) detailing what worked, what left me deep in my feelings, and where could use improvement.

We’ll follow that up with an hour-long call to get you hungry and panting to go after draft two.

So, you and me?

I specialize in character-driven fiction and creative nonfiction. Writing that is unafraid to explore the ugliness and beauty of our emotions, and what it means to be human. Writing that is unflinchingly honest about love, friendship, loss, sexuality, family, and how we move through the mundane and most pivotal moments of life, light me all the way up. I want a novel to bless and devastate me, to tear me open and spill me out.

And I know you’re the writer to do it.

La Fin (Petite) investment: $18/1000 words

You’re not here to throw just any words into publication. You’ve worked hard on your book. Damn hard. See it all the way through with a Developmental Edit, giving you a book you’re proud to put your name on.

A book you’re proud to read during intimate gatherings at your local bookstore. A book you’re proud to speak into the world: “I wrote this. And it’s amazing.”

Because it is- or, at least it’s going to be.

I’ll make sure of that.


la Fin (Complet)
[exclusive for la fin petite clients]

After you receive your initial response letter from me and we have our call in la Fin Petite, I’ll work with you to make your edits.

I remember my first content edit and at the end of all the agonizing, and shifting, and rewording, and cutting, and adding, I wanted to take it through the process again.

Well, first, I wanted a hug, but then I wanted to take my novel through another round to make sure I’d worked out the issues.

Once you’ve read through your critique, had our call, and applied any recommendations, you will have questions. Guaranteed.

Is this character still underdeveloped?

Is this plot line believable now?

Have I cut too much?

Did I add too much?

Does any of this make sense?

To you? Probably not. You’ve sat with it too long. You’re so far into the guts of your book that you’ve become the guts of your book, and now only a firewoman with a rubber arm can pull you from the depths of your editing. 

Or me.

Your la Fin Complet Plan

  • Divide your manuscript into smaller sections for revision (by you) and content edit (by me)

  • Create a flexible timeline with calls, draft deliverables, and gentle feedback that works for your pace 

  • Provide your personal equivalent of digital hugs, encouragement, and accountability

  • Finish your book!

La Fin (Complet): by retainer only for a minimum of three months. $357/month