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Arden, an aging, reclusive artist, wants to be left alone. But when a young art student barges into her life and invites her to dinner, Arden is thrust back into friendships she abandoned nearly twenty years before.

Faith, the once-naive writer and college dropout struggling with grief, God, and sexuality; and Lucas, a wistful DJ, are bewildered by their mysterious reunion with Arden which rapidly unveils the risks of prolonged nostalgia and longing.

From their unique perspectives, the novel reveals their youthful past in early 90s New York City where the trio escaped into a pulsing world of art, music, and irreparable mistakes. An intimate expression of burgeoning sensuality and the clinging shame of trauma, If I Fell is a story of self-preservation and redemption across generations, of being beautifully, devastatingly human.

I finished the book yesterday and I miss your characters already. They were so real.
— Ashley

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