Le Plaisir

[Your love as literature]

Imagine your love story as a piece of literature. Your desire as a work of art.

Le Plaisir is pleasure in French.

The pleasure of remembering the way his fingers stroked the nape of your neck before he kissed the salt of your skin. You drove beneath the moon, 2am, turned on the radio.

Or how you held her hand in the morning, lying within tossed white linen. Coffee and toast and berries on trays. Cream spilled on the spoon. Her leg was warm.

Give your partner this simple pleasure. The gift of love, lust, and literature by turning your intimate moments into custom poetry and prose for any random Tuesday, Saturday, or any day your desire calls.

“Remember how we used to…”

“Remember that time…”

Yes, they’ll remember. Over and over again.

The Process

  • You’ll schedule your 1-hour video chat with me below where I’ll get to know you and the moments you want to remember with poetry or prose. Your moments can be as eventful, everyday, or explicit as you like. Emotions crave specificity, so the more concentrated the moment, the more details, the better.

  • The writing begins. I’ll compose 2 separate poems and/or prose within 7 days and share with you for feedback.

  • Once approved, I’ll print and ship.

  • The process is about 3 weeks if edits are received within 1-2 days.

[Le Plaisir: $327]
gives you:

  • An hour-long chat to tell your story

  • 1 round of edits

  • 2 cards (4.25”x5.5”) with 2 pieces of poetry and/or prose

  • 2 envelopes

This is glory. Yes. Over and over again, yes.
— Sarah

Get started

I'm excited to make something beautiful with you! Email me to schedule your Le Plaisir Chat where you’ll share the raw, intimate moments of your relationship you want to capture: hello@tiffanyclarkeharrison.com