Oh, Hello

[Shhh...For New Clients Only]


Some women live with vision.

Some women do as they’re told.

This one-time, exclusive package is for women with vision.


Lust for a little thing called “life, on my own terms.”


The Oh, Hello package gives you insight into the intimate details of the people you want to work with most. Because you want to be a brand that’s known for something more meaningful than products and services. And you want the women who share your vision to connect with you on an emotional level where it counts. 

  • Dancing with friends at 2am at the tiny, hidden lounge downtown? She wears your stone pendant necklace that cups the light as she twists.
  • When she wants to feel confident, she'll reach for your halter bra with the scalloped black lace.
  • When she's daring to explore new cities and cultures, with her broken accent and $40 to her name, she'll want your worn, leather satchel at her hip.

Why? Because your brand represents confidence, sensuality, and courage.

It represents the woman she longs to be.


So who are your clients and customers? What do their lives look like? How do they want to feel? Even better- how can you help them feel that way?

Oh, Hello is ideal to begin assessments for new product line or service ideas, overall brand, and to get inspiration for creative direction, campaigns, and other content that makes your audience feel seen and heard.

I’ll give you that connection.

One conversation at a time.


The Oh, Hello process :

  • The Introductions: A one-hour call to help me begin to get to know you, your style, and why you do what you do

  • The Overshare: I’ll talk to up to 3 people you want to work with most (your existing, ideal clients) in one-on-one interviews for approximately 1.5 hours of information gathering on how they want to feel and live (if you had these conversations during The Broken Girls Project, now you have 3 more to add to your research)

  • I Need Your Advice: Content ideas specific to your brand

  • Real Talk: A reflection of who you are, what you want, and who you want it with in an easy-to-understand graphic called the Petite Brand Clarity Communiqué. (If you completed this during The Broken Girls Project, I will review and provide suggestions/edits). We’ll have another hour-long call to discuss, including trends from client/customer interviews, and next steps for content



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