(Self) love Letters

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For the soft and strong woman who speaks her mind and sometimes cries in the bathroom. Who dropped all the 'shoulds' in her life and ran giddy and terrified for the unconventional road less traveled.

Express the magic and individuality of your brand with storytelling that's human, real, and sucks the breath from your audience's 1990’s, Fiona Apple, “I’m Every Woman” lungs.

Be who you truly are. And be damn proud of it.

(Self) Love Letters is best for the woman who:

  • wants love, lust, and life written throughout her lookbook, product descriptions, and website-- not blah, blah predictable copy she can find anywhere on the internet. Predictable is not her scene. Desire, honesty, and confidence that her clients and customers daydream about though? Yes, please.
  • is tired of writing because writing is hard. She has lingerie to sew, film to develop, metal to shift and shape. But, my God, do words matter. Email campaigns matter. Product descriptions matter. All of it matters, and she needs someone whose writing feels like chatting with friends over bottles of Cabernet at 11pm on a Tuesday to do it for her.
  • won't stop until clients and customers experience her brand like a love letter: rich with feeling, laced with hope, and undeniably theirs


Available Writing Services:

  • Product Descriptions: $598

    • 1-hour exploratory session

    • 8 story-led product descriptions reflecting how your ideal customer wants your brand to make them feel

    • 1 round of edits

  • Poetry | Prose | Copy (for product lookbooks, photography books, illustration/art books, and films): From $798

    • up to 3 scheduled, 1-hour exploratory and feedback sessions

    • 8+ pages of poetry, prose, copy, or an agreed upon combination

    • 2 rounds of edits


  • Campaign | Series Copy (customer-driven, written content for 4-part campaign or series including blog, email, and Instagram): $1898

    • up to 4 scheduled, 1-hour exploratory and feedback sessions

    • campaign or series strategy

    • interviews with 4 current customers for campaign or series features

    • 4 blog posts/articles with corresponding emails and Instagram captions

    • 2 rounds of edits per blog post, email, and Instagram caption


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