The Silhouette

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She enters her studio. Leather and lace, spools of thread, patterns lay across the table. Cameras and tripods, plants and tight rolls of film.

She is the happiest woman on the block, waking every morning to something she enjoys, something that matters. Never settling for less than her vision: a business, a brand that's more than apparel and props, photo shoots with crouched poses and bare skin. 

Her brand is part of a conversation for women. The way they think and feel, and their place in this world.

She lifts the shades, opens the window. Light plays across her face and hands.

Her time is her own. Her life is her own.

And this is exactly how she wants it to look.


That’s what a strong brand message does.

It takes that image in your head of what business and life could be, and makes it happen.



You're a daring woman.

But even the most daring woman needs help shaping a brand message that represents who she truly is.

You need someone to give you messaging that breaks the 'blah, blah, who cares' of  conventional marketing. I'll get to know your audience, and help you tell a brand story that makes them see themselves in you.

Your style, your way.

With real, human experiences wrapped in confidence, sensuality, and grit. Like:

Solo travel, 9am on the Rue Montorgeuil with messy hair and last night's wine-stained lips. Motown records and coffee in the kitchen, wearing nothing but underwear and a toddler on her hip. Popcorn for dinner, crowded downtown streets, wandering and foraging in the woods.

Why? Because you want to give women an experience. Not copy.

The Silhouette is best for a woman who:

  • stopped 'shoulding' herself, started a business, and has at least 8 clients/customers willing and able to be interviewed
  • owns a business with a brand that lacks clarity, personality, and a message that reflects her ideal audience
  • is tired of writing because writing is hard. She has lingerie to sew, film to develop, women to help, metal to shift and shape and writing is the last thing she feels like dealing with right now
  • understands that why she is selling is more important than what she is selling
  • is preparing to launch a product, service, or campaign and wants thoughtful content that sells with a story, not meaningless, overused jargon and catch phrases 


    You'll get:

    • 3 Scheduled Discovery Sessions (via video chat or in person): these sessions uncover where you're coming from, where you're going, and why your ideal audience needs to join you there. Combined with info from conversations with your ideal audience, every slope and curve of your brand will begin to take shape, and you'll be confident standing in who you truly are
    • Audience Insights: trends and notes from an intimate look into how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves. Oh! And what they absolutely crave. I'll have 8, one-on-one conversations, face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) for the added bonus of body language and establishing a personal connection to give you their little-known facts and deepest desires for a successful rebrand, product launch, or campaign
    • Brand Clarity Communiqué: why you do what you do, make what you make, be who you be, (what's grammar, anyway?), and why any of it matters. Based on your Discovery Sessions and Audience Insights, you'll receive a detailed PDF (with a simplified graphic summary) of language that clearly articulates all of the above, along with notes on comparable brands, personality, and overall style that speaks directly to your ideal audience
    • Content Ideas: what good are all of these insights without knowing how to use them? You'll receive 12 ways you can use your Audience Insights and Brand Clarity Communiqué to begin creating content your ideal audience wants from you now. Hours of agonizing about posting and sharing and emailing are gone from your schedule
    • Words: They matter. They bring your brand message together in a way that lets your right people know, yes, this is for me. You'll receive one of the following, or a custom combination that works for you:
      • 6 product descriptions
      • 3-part blog series (3 posts total)
      • poetry/prose for lookbook/product line
      • 3 pages of web copy (Up to 500 words. Does not include product descriptions.) 


    And last, over time, you'll get that image in your head.

    The one where you swing your legs out of bed in the morning, not angry at the alarm and dreading the day, but happy because you're going to create something that matters. That makes women love their bodies, find their courage, and be every layer of their true selves.

    That image is yours.

    All you need to do is grab it.


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