Women's stories have the power to both liberate and connect. Women's stories show you that you are not alone in this thing called business, love, motherhood, life. They shake up the soul. They remind you that anything is possible.

I'm Tiffany.

I'm a freelance writer and content strategist for conscious lifestyle and holistic wellness brands owned by women. Women like you who are determined to create, live free, and live well- no matter what.


You want to help women feel like their best selves.

You want to bring transparency to the products they use on their skin, put in their bodies or their homes, and help them connect the mind and body in a way that promotes a holistic approach to wellness.

Which means you need good content.

But when was the last time you had oh-so-many extra hours in your day to create quality content your right people want? Probably sometime in the vicinity of never.

That's where I come in.

While you focus on the important stuff like filling orders, running your store, or working with clients, I'll discover what makes your ideal audience feel seen, heard, and catered to, and connect them to your brand on an emotional level where it counts.  

Keep scrolling to to see how.


Audience insights

You're a smart woman who's done her homework. You've got your ideal client profile with some demographics, personality, and lifestyle traits.

But do you know who she is at her core and what that means for your business?  A conversation (not a survey) will give you insight into what your audience really thinks about that new thing you're getting ready to launch, what you currently have going on, or your overall brand. During these one-on-one interviews I'll find out how your audience thinks, talks, and what motivates them. How they want to feel, and how you can give it to them.  


Content Planning

No more throwing random marketing tactics at the internet and hoping it sticks, or struggling to get the ideas in your head into a clear and meaningful process. That's an overwhelming time-suck where, (spoiler alert), nobody wins. I'll create a content calendar based on your goals, and show you how to create content that invites a personal relationship with your audience, giving them exactly what they want...and need.


content creation + Editing

You know your ideal client so well you're like an emotional voyeur. The strategy is set. Now it's time to pull your message together via educational and inspirational blog posts, video copy that lures audiences into your world, and insider emails that keep them there.

This service can include blogging/article, video, and print copy, email marketing, educational ebooks. However, it does not include social media and website copy.