Tiffany Clarke Harrison

You are designed to create, live free, and live well.


To get lost in everyday stories: a kiss, a moment alone with tea and silence, a lover and music, children, and washing dishes while dancing to The Jackson 5 in your underwear. 

You are designed to explore and learn. To seek more, ride mopeds through Brazil, skinny dip in Spain, and stretch into the unknown. To think, feel, and use your voice to wake people up. To invite them into other worlds and experiences.

You are designed to give. To be exactly who you are and share it.

You're a mad soul, crazy enough to own your talents and fulfill your purpose. Your brand story begins with you.

I was designed to tell it.

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Freelance writer + Content Strategist



Five years ago, I developed acid reflux after recovering from a severe upper respiratory infection.

After a few years of prescriptions (barely controlling the nausea and the burning in my abdomen and throat regardless of avoiding the trigger foods) I incorporated more holistic forms of healing like acupuncture and herbs, affirmations, creative writing, and recently meditation.

As it turns out, my reflux is a manifestation of stress, not simply high-fat, sugary, and spicy food, and I am on a mission to heal my whole self, not just symptoms- mind, body, and spirit.

That's why I began freelance writing, to ensure that women know they do not have to put chemicals in or on their bodies to be their best selves. To ensure that women brave enough to leave their 9-5's and turn their creativity and purpose into sustainable careers are seen and heard.

Oh, hello. I'm Tiffany, an introvert, writer, and up and coming content strategist for women-owned conscious lifestyle and holistic wellness brands. I have nearly eight years in marketing, an MBA, and am content marketing certified by Hubspot.

More time. More simplicity. More freedom. You want it and I want it for you. You started a business because you believed in your talents and to make something meaningful- not to create content. It may not be the focus of your business, but it is mine.

You are designed to create, live free, and live well.